little chrome pill

In April 2016, this 1979, 23' beauty came home with me. Convinced I would have her renovated by July it has been two years and I'm about halfway done, more or less. I'll be outsourcing the bathroom. And the electrical. She rambles though and I love her for it. 


This entire project has been a combination of liquor & guesswork but these are some of my favorite resources so far:

The Modern Caravan:  I had a consult with Kate & Ellen one cold January afternoon after I tore apart the bathroom. I still have not completed the bathroom BUT these two women are a wealth of knowledge and have four renos under their belts.

Tin Can HomesteadAnother couple I found on Instagram. They have since sold their Airstream but the book is one of the only Airstream remodel books that I have found to be useful, concise, and aesthetically appealing.

Anchorage Community House Tool Library: This is an under-used resource in this town. For a yearly membership fee of $50 you get access to the tool library. My usual suspects include the chop saw, nail gun, and tool bench but they have a weed eater and wheelbarrow that gets into the rotation during summer.